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social.films or is used term and a concept; a kind of a metaphore and an understanding of what our works, performaces, platforms and spaces that we do, work on and create.

social.films or is and are new, different kind of collective bodies, works, that we understand and see as films. as a kind of a film processes and a kind of a films as end products.

an individual is or might be in the process of making new it's director or a camerawoman. a scriptwriter, an actor or an actress, an editor, a statist, a running boy, asistent director or a secretary, set designer or coffemaker, first grip girl or... or social.films are an ongoing industry of new practical or teorethical body of work. a production of artistic and scientific, theoretical fundaments to what (social)films and the making of them is, are. or social.films are following the developted frames and ways of working methods we used in our video, film, animation and theater works, together with our educational and gallery activities aka insitutional practicies done through previous collective projects. (text in process)