"HOW TO MAKE A TUNNEL" with ana, silver, puska, mico, miha


as current news from future european capital of culture.


the so-called re-action "HOW TO MAKE A TUNNEL" alias a real two days working action of making a tunnel out of the garage-gallery could be seen as an opening up of the cultural center Pekarna towards people on the other side of the wall; as an opening of the closed gallery system to everybody; as a new(open) public space for art and culture; as an urban research with the case-study on how the new Pekarna's entrance will function (in the new architectural plans Pekarna`s garage and house beside her are gone-deleted).














the physical workers (ana, silver, puska, mico and miha) who made the real hole in the wall are thanking everybody who helped them, talked with them, allowe them to make, break it and everybody who live in, for and with current KC Pekarna (zavod PMM, klub MC, Gustaf, Kurd, Teater za Voglom, Bukvarna, La Vitrine,...).



link to another alias "zavod´s PMM photo-archive" (without back button)